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Meditation is an experience to know our existential reality & silence; with which we are born but the contact has been lost due to conditionings of the society and the pressures of world around us.

Meditation is not a work. It is neither concentration nor an extraordinary effort to put mind to do something. Meditation is choice less  awareness of the present moment. Mind functions with choices, it divides everything into good or bad,  fractions and judgments. The moment a mind chooses, it becomes divided and the meditative sense is lost. Meditative awareness means a mind that  is conscious but not concentrated. Concentration is a choice, it is the narrowness of energy towards the object of concentration.



Himalayas Offer One of the best environmental situations in the world to have a natural taste of meditation.


There are different traditions of meditation and Yoga worldwide. Many seekers and tourists come through distinctive cultural backgrounds for an insight & learning for  Indian meditation methods. The  popular amongst western tourists are with Osho's methods being propagated by Swami Samdarshi at their khakhnal centre near Manali.


According to Osho the modern mystic of 20th century, "meditation is a state of clarity, a choice less awareness"

~ Manali Himalayas Were The First Place In World Where Osho Rajneesh Initiated Neo Sanyas ~


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