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Himachal is a land unique traditions and contrasts. The handlooms and handicrafts are integral part of Himachal's cultural tradition. Each area has its own distinct dialect and crafts. The primary occupations with rural Himachal is agriculture, horticulture, handloom & handcraft activities but over the years some of the fine crafts have been on the verge of decline due to infiltration of fake counterparts from the neighbouring states, thus diminishing the revenue for Himachal's entrepreneurs, artisans engaged with handloom & handicraft sector. There are number of cooperative societies working in Manali, Kullu and adjoining areas for the welfare of artisans and languishing crafts of Himachal.



The Himalayan Handlooms are now world recognised for their purity, and utility. The weavers add much hard work to make a fine blend of tradition and creativity. One must have a look into the practical shawl weaving process. It's amazing to see use of hands and footwork to bring out a fine output admired by everyone.


Pure Woollen Handloom Weaving In Himachal Himalayas


There are few young enterprising people in Kullu valley who dared & took challenge in highly competitive  market to introduce handlooms and handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh on global scale.


The Handloom tradition in entire Manali & Kullu Valley is very ancient. Earliest historical & mythological references  references convey that this entire part of HIMALAYAS was once abode of Gandharvas (Holy Angels) and celestial musicians.


In the early days of evolvement of khaddis (the hand driven loom)  emerged & took the shape of a handloom, that produced good products rapidly.  Weavers from Rampur Bushehar, brought  patterned handloom &  products.

The patterns woven illustrate/ethnic colour contrasts as well as depiction of natural colours


In Olden times this zone was an important trading centre on the great route to Central ASIA- to Tibet and China. After Tibet invasion this route and the trade has been restricted since long thus diminishing old multinational identity of entire region


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