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Over the years tourism has been constantly developing in all parts of  world. Himalayas too face unprecedented amount of tourism related activities, threatening ecology and local communities that depend and exist with natural resources



Himachal's process of modernization including development and growth, commercial exploitation of the natural resource base has created new proportions. On one side, there is compulsive restraint propagated & exercised by environmental protection groups as well as government policies and on other side aspirations associated with the desire to adopt westernized ways of living; employment generation and tourism development has given tremendous pressure to natural resources.


There is constant flux and contradiction with regard to tourism development in Himachal. Rise in tourist arrival has helped employment generation, business development, revenue for state but side by side there has been increasing instances of upheaval with natural resources, contamination of fresh water rivers & lakes, garbage accumulation in High Himalayan regions and protected areas.


Disintegration of local communities has also been  a part of haphazard tourism development. We continue to forget that what is exciting and memorable for a tourist is our natural wealth, lifestyle and culture. We must strive to safeguard our natural environment & ethnicity. Tourism related development has to be sustainable, it needs to recognize the importance of using its revenue for sustainable development such as planting trees, cleanliness, recycling waste and creating ecological awareness among the visitors and local community.


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