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  Himachal is a land of magnificent traditions and colorful festivals. Right from food to dresses everything includes a part of cultural living. Though village life in various parts of Himachal is also affected by the constant speed and sudden changes with lifestyles yet they maintain their cultural integrity.  


The customs and rituals practiced in this region of Himachal depict the lifestyle of the natives living in harmony with Nature. Himachal is known as DEV BHOOMI where there is tradition of people to honor deities, holy spirits, sages, snake gods and other powerful gods and goddesses mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures. Almost every village has beautiful temples dedicated to these deities.


The Himachalis hold well known gods and goddesses of the Hindu traditions, but their ties with local deities are more close. 

The institution of village gods is common factor in Himachal. All customs revolve around local deities


Right from the origin of manifestation of a particular god or goddess, the Gur, the oracle who is the interpreter of the divinity, relates the whole story of the powers, miracles and curses inflicted by him from time to time. Filled with the power (Shakti) of the deity, the Gur shakes his body and goes into a trance before the audience uttering something in an unusual manner, sometimes in an unknown language, as if the deity itself is speaking.


Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh holds considerable influence in Manali, Kullu, north-eastern parts of Lahaul And Spiti and Kinnaur. The Buddhist Monasteries has assured an era of socio-cultural resurgence in the region


Most people in the Himalayas sustain themselves by a combination of agriculture and animal husbandry. Until very recently, tourism and other developmental activities have started taking important aspect in Himalayan life.


The life and social values of Himachal people are in harmony with nature. They practice a lifestyle in which concepts like equity, sustainability, community participation etc. are deep rooted. They do not only understand but also implement these concepts in their day to day activities.


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