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  It is one of the biggest village in the Kullu district. Jagatsukh is on the left bank of the Beas and the road from Nagar to Manali runs through the village. Jagatsukh is 12km from Naggar and 6km from Manali . The place is famous for the very old the temples, in the village, particularly the Shiva Temple in Shikhara style and nearby old and interesting Devi Sharvali temple.  

Originally known as Nast, it remained the ancient capital of Kullu for about ten generations . It is famous for the annual Chacholi Jatra festival. The first as well as the second revolutions against the Thakurs and Ranas were embarked upon from this historic place. It is popular belief that the first paddy sapling in the valley was introduced from here and even now various operation of paddy cultivations are celebrated from here.  


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