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Manali has just everything for everyone! For lovers of paragliding & flying, Manali Himalayas offer the best launch sites in the world where it feels like a bird in heaven. The beautiful Himalayan ranges and snow packed mountains give a spectacular view. Paragliding is a sport in which Manali Guys have reached a landmark, they are all well adept to the wind movements, precautionary measures as well as rescue to handle any situation. Paragliding is a brave sport, only suitable for brave hearts.


in Tandem Glider (double seated) with an experienced pilot. The start begins with running down a few steps of a slope in coordination with the pilot. Paragliding in Manali is available all year expect rainy seasons and the best paragliding sites in Manali are in Solang valley. Youngsters and couples like to do paragliding in Manali in almost all the seasons.


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Recommended: Please have a briefing with basics & theory lessons, aerodynamics and air safety precautions. Ground understanding is helpful and integral. Manali has the best paragliding sites in Himachal that offer safe paragliding gradient, good for beginners and soft adventure enthusiasts. The best paragliding experience is good with an expert guide who has experience with wind conditions and take off with double sitting commonly known as tandem flight. The paragliding charges in Manali are reasonably bearable , and for group of participants above 20 can have discounts with this adventure sports to reasonable extent. Paragliding charges are not much and any adventure enthusiast can fairly bear the reasonable prices.

Some Basic guidelines for learning: 

  • Introduction with wing, inflation technique and ground run. 

  • Ground run and hopping.

  • Take off techniques. 

  • Solo flight as well as practice turns.

  • Spot landing and solo flight.

  • Tandem Adjustments & co-ordination. 


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